"dbsk will now promote as 2"

"exo will now promote as 11"

"f(x) will promote as 4"

"snsd will now promote as 8"


"Super Junior will promote as 12."
"Just kidding they’re now promoting as 13" 
"Sorry I was trolling you, they might be 14 now" 
"Sorry Sorry Sorry, they’re actually 12 again" 
"Whoops sorry for that they’re 11 now." 
"Nah man, I’m trolling you. One of them is going to the army first. So down to 10"



I want Seungri’s recovery more than a BIGBANG comeback.

I can’t express how disgusting the fact that this post has only 64 notes is. This shouldn’t be a hard time for Seungri stans only. Aren’t we all a family?